Youtuber Shows Comparisons Of How Ubisoft Downgrade Their Titles


It’s been pretty common for video game companies to downgrade on graphics or gameplay once a title is released after showing glorious footage of how it could of been or better yet should of been. A gamer has released a video showing all the downgrades that the developer Ubisoft has done to it’s titles upon release. Games such as The Division, Rainbow Six, Assassins Creed and of course the obvious Watch Dogs and more.

Youtube user CrowbCat has made a video showing the various before and after comparisons as well as many side by side graphic comparisons of how many of Ubisoft titles are downgraded after they’re launch dates. He also quoted “Comparison between E3 demos and retail version of recent Ubisoft games. I encourage you to not only focus on textures or lighting, but also on animation, level design, assets, physics, and sound. Recorded in 1080p at max settings on PC with a controller.


It shows that most of the gameplay was either altered or just completely changed from how the environment is to how characters react or even the physics and animations during battle. Pretty much a whole lot of false advertisement from game to game.