Unannounced Suicide Squad Game Cancelled To Focus On A Batman Title


Looks like a Suicide Squad has been cancelled before it even had to chance to be announced. Warner Bros. Montreal has decided to cancel their unannounced Suicide Sqaud game to focus on developing a new Batman game that will be starring Damian Wayne that was rumored some time ago.

The development of the Suicide Squad game came to an halt after failing to please management at Warner Bros. Studios. The game would of consisted of DC Comics anti-heros and it was also rumored that it would of been a co-op game. Other than that there was not much else known about the cancelled linstallment.

After the Suicide Squad game became cancelled some of the heads at WB Montreal’s decided to leave the company at the end of November, then hired a new studio head Stephane Roy was previously an executive producer on Deus Ex: Mankind Divided at Eidos Montreal.

There’s also not much more information on the Batman game that is to be developed by WB Montreal besides that it will be starring Damian Wayne. Also according to Kotaku it was rumored to be revealed in the beginning in December, but it’s not a shock that it wasn’t, especially knowing about what’s happening at WB Montreal studios.