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Youtuber Shows Comparisons Of How Ubisoft Downgrade Their Titles


It’s been pretty common for video game companies to downgrade on graphics or gameplay once a title is released after showing glorious footage of how it could of been or better yet should of been. A gamer has released a video showing all the downgrades that the developer Ubisoft has done to it’s titles upon release...

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50 Minute Video Of The Division Kind Of Makes You Not Want It


A 50 Minute gameplay video for Ubisoft’s The Division was released and played by JackFrags which showed a so-so performance throughout it’s gameplay. It could be a pretty big negative to all who were really itching to purchase this game when it releases.

Throughout the video the graphics do look pretty nice but it is the gameplay that effe...

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Sign Ups For Beta Access For The Division Are Now Available


Ubisoft will now allow anyone who has a beta, sign up for the upcoming title Tom Clancy’s The Division.

If you have an beta access code then you can redeem it on their website here and secure a spot. To have access to the beta you will have to pre-order a copy of The Division or you can sign up on the website and join the waiting list.


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