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Unannounced Suicide Squad Game Cancelled To Focus On A Batman Title


Looks like a Suicide Squad has been cancelled before it even had to chance to be announced. Warner Bros. Montreal has decided to cancel their unannounced Suicide Sqaud game to focus on developing a new Batman game that will be starring Damian Wayne that was rumored some time ago.

The development of the Suicide Squad game came to an halt af...

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The Official Suicide Squad Trailer Released


Warner Bros. has finally released the official trailer for Suicide Squad and it could make you more anxious to see then you probably already are.

The trailer shows an small introduction of their recruitment with “Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody playing” throughout the video...

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Suicide Squad Posters As The New Trailer Is Near


After finally being assembled together for worse from their first trailer for the August movie release. A new poster have been released for the Suicide Squad movie including posters created by each member put together.

On Tuesday, January 19th a new Suicide Squad trailer will be airing that will also give us extra details on whats to come ...

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Leaked Suicide Squad Footage From Comic-Con


Leaked Footage of Suicide Squad has been posted on the internet for all the see but possibly for an extremely limited time. This leak is about as good as the other movies that also leaked from the Comic-Con...

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