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Injustice 2 Announcement Trailer, Superman, Flash and More


Neatherrealm has just released their announcement trailer for injustice 2. The trailer immediately shows all of the heroes going toe to toe with each other which could of mean that there is some serious disagreement between them.

Towards the end of the trailer all of the heroes start to gear up in their armor before clashing together, whic...

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New Batman Vs Superman: Dawn Of Justice Trailer Shows The Bat In Action


The final Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice Trailer and it could change a lot of minds of anyone who’ve had doubts on seeing it.

The beginning of the trailer shows Bruce Wayne/Batman laying down a little bit of justice in a warehouse full of armed men, even though the first guy gets a serious Rock-Bottom...

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The Official Suicide Squad Trailer Released


Warner Bros. has finally released the official trailer for Suicide Squad and it could make you more anxious to see then you probably already are.

The trailer shows an small introduction of their recruitment with “Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody playing” throughout the video...

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Suicide Squad Posters As The New Trailer Is Near


After finally being assembled together for worse from their first trailer for the August movie release. A new poster have been released for the Suicide Squad movie including posters created by each member put together.

On Tuesday, January 19th a new Suicide Squad trailer will be airing that will also give us extra details on whats to come ...

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Leaked Suicide Squad Footage From Comic-Con


Leaked Footage of Suicide Squad has been posted on the internet for all the see but possibly for an extremely limited time. This leak is about as good as the other movies that also leaked from the Comic-Con...

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Batman: Arkham Knight Gameplay Video – Time To Go To War


Rocksteady has released an official 7 minutes of gameplay from Batman: Arkham Knight in a video titled “Time To Go To War”. In this gameplay video it shows the Dark Knight take down a group of henchmen as well as taking the Batmobile for a drive throughout Gotham city.

As soon as it gets a minute into the video it shows Batman bust through...

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Batman: Arkham Knight Gameplay – Playstation Experience


Rocksteady has released Part 3 of the Batman: Arkham Knight Ace Chemicals Trailer at the Playstation Experience event. This trailer shows more of the batmobile manuevers and also some extra fear takedowns in the first half. Towards the end it presents Scarecrow and batman under his toxing with the world around him crumbling...

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Batman:Arkham Knight Going for Equal Graphics


Even though Rocksteady Studios has not finalized the resolution or frame rate for the new Batman: Arkham Knight that is to be released next year the developer says that they are aiming to make graphics equal for all consoles and PC. This answer came from a recent livestream Q&A Rocksteady Studios was asked about the framerate and resolutio...

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Street Legal Batmobile to Cheer Up Sick Children


A 29 year old man that goes by the name of Zac Mihajlovic who lives in Camden, Australia teamed up with the Make-A-Wish Foundation to use his street legal Batmobile that took 2 years to build to cheer up terminally ill children.

Zac Mihajlovic also dresses up as Batman along side the hid late 80’s hand built Batmobile to visit sick childre...

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Scarecrow confirmed for the FOX series Gotham


Scarecrow has been confirmed to make his appearance in the television series Gotham later on in the season. Gotham’s executive producer Danny Cannon revealed at the Comikaze Convention that Jonathan Crane AKA Scarecrow will show up in gotham also around the same age as Bruce Wayne and Selina Kyle before they are suited up for Gotham.


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