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We Could Be Seeing A New Marvel Vs Capcom In 2017


It has been reported that there are rumors of a fourth Marvel vs Capcom installment for the series. it is also possible that it could be revealed during the PlayStation Experience which will be showing next week.

Even though there hasn’t been any word from Capcom or Marvel no one knows if there’s actually going to be an official release of...

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Street Fighter V Beta Dates Announced


Capcom has announced the second beta testing dates and times for Street Fighter V for PS4 and PC, and it is best that you keep track of all dates and times to try to get the most out of the Beta before it ends.

The beta for Street Fighter V will run from October 21st until October 25th and will have different characters be unlocked through...

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Capcom Reveals M.Bison for Street Fighter V


Capcom has released a trailer for Street Fighter V revealing the main villain of the series M.Bison. Along with the reveal throughout the video you’ll also noticed that Capcom has made some changes to his outfit and moves set.

The first two noticeable differences is that he no longer enter’s with his cape or wears it at all, he now wears a...

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New Devil May Cry Releasing A Week Early


The remastered version of Devil May Cry for Xbox One and PS4 or DMC: Definitive Edition’s release date has been moved up. Devil May Cry was set to release on March 17th, but on Tuesday Capcom has announced that the came will release on March 10, which is an exact week before the initial release date.

Capcom did not state exactly why it dec...

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Street Fighter V Gameplay – Playstation Experience


Capcom has announced Street Fighter V at the PlayStation Experience event and also has confirmed the rumors of it being a PS4 and PC exclusive and will also have a feature for cross-platform multiplayer...

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