Retro-Bit Will Be Bringing Back The Game Boy For 2017


For those who still have their old Game Boy games or Game Boy color games that could be laying around with no way to play them, Retro-Bit has created a new Game Boy that’ll play both your Game Boy and Game Boy color games, The Super Retro Boy, even if you have cartridges for Game Boy Advance it’ll still be playable.

The Super Retro Boy is your favorite handheld reimagined for you modern needs. One thing I’m glad to mention is that the Super Retro Boy will come equipped with a scratch and shatter resistant “Backlit” high res. LCD screen, which would of solved so many problem as a child. remembering late night car rides where none of the screen was visible without light attachment, only to know what was going on the moment you passed under a street light. Another additional feature is a rechargeable internal battery, which means good bye AA’s and the everything you thought that would make them last longer. the internal battery is said to last up to 10 hours which should be more than enough for your average gamer.

The Super Retro Boy is set to be released in August 2017 and will cost $80. The Retro Boy will also come in two different colors, White with a dark grey d-pad and red buttons or Black with an red d-pad and red buttons.

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