The Pinnacle Of V Gives GTA V 4K Graphics & More


When Rockstar released GTA V it was known for having great graphics, especially when compared to it’s past titles. But now there is a new mod for GTA V that pushes it’s graphics to new limits with 4K visuals. Not only has graphics been enhanced there are also many different features for gameplay that has been tweaked to be more realistic.

On the website for The Pinnacle of V there’s a list of features that’ll show what has been in improved in the new PinnacleOfV mod for GTA V. There has been enhancements such as reshading, increased global reflection, realistic rain and puddles, improved vehicle lights etc. It was also noted that the mod reworked vehicle features to provide realistic handling, weight and crash physics.

Another group of features added are how you interact with pedestrians and how they interact with each other in Los Santo’s, such as gangs and police will have more tension towards each other than usual. The weapons were also modded to be more on the realism side by being given bullet speed/distance instead of being hit instantly. Weapons now have realistic recoil along with other added features, helicopters now fire semi automatic missiles, realistic blood textures and more.

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To know more about the new mod you can go to the website at The Pinnacle Of V also you can check out the showcase for ThePinnacleOfV below.