Microsoft Releases Two New Controllers, Copper Shadow and Dusk Shadow


Microsoft has released two new Xbox One controllers that look gorgeous, with each controller named Copper Shadow and Dusk Shadow.

Throught out the recent year or two Microsoft has been releasing an collection of controllers with different patterns and colors such as the Camouglage patterned controllers, Midnight Forces, Covert Forces and Armed Forces or the Halo 5 inspired controllers and so on.

The two new controllers that Microsoft has presented has an lower dark gradient finish with one being blue that fades to black and the other that is copper colored but also fades to black. They also come with the standard features of an Xbox One controller including the 3.5 stereo headset jack that became included in some later editions of Xbox One controllers.

Both controllers can be available for pre-order starting now on Microsoft website for $69.99. You can later find the two new controllers on shelves later this month worldwide in April. Only catch is that for the US the Copper Shadow will be available exclusively at Microsoft stores and Gamestop and the Dusk Shadow controller will be available exclusively also at Microsoft stores and for a limited time at Best Buy.

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