Rockstar’s New Executives and Other Criminals DLC for GTA Online


Rockstar has launched a new update for GTA Online called Executives and Other Criminals that is available for PS4, Xbox One and PC. It’ll give players a chance to run their own criminal organization, where you’ll be able to hire players for dirty work and also face off against rival opponents in freemode. The new update has added new Homes and Penthouse Apartments as well as letting players purchase fully staffed Yachts through their iDroid.

Some of the features added on will let you Be Your Own Boss. If you have 1 Million in cash in your Maze bank account you can choose to be a VIP through the SecuroServ menu in the Player Interaction Menu. Which will give you the chance to create and name your own criminal organization for GTA Online. You’ll be able to hire up to 3 players to be your own bodyguards. Also players looking to join an organization for GTA Online to be bodyguards can look for invites through the SecuroServ app and set their status as looking for work. Also VIP’s will be able to drop off ammo, armor and vehicles for their organization to do jobs.

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When doing jobs as a bodyguard you’ll get the advantage of a periodic salary of $5,000 as well as additional cas and RP for VIP work and challenges. However any money that is earned while employed as a bodyguard and not working for the organization through Freemode events and activities will go to the VIP. Bodyguards will also get extra benefits such as health regeneration and frequent RP bonuses and stat boosts when in the vicinity of the VIP.

VIP Work will bring in 6 new game types such as Hostile Takeover, Asset Recovery and Piracy Prevention. There is also the Executive Deathmatch that will put rival organizations against each other in Freemode with just 10 Lives.

There are also many new features that is added to GTA Online’s new DLC Online Executives and Other Criminals, to see what else is added check out Rockstar games website here