The Crew Open Beta


Ubisoft has announced that The Crew open beta will be coming to Xbox One and PS4 from November 25 – 27.

The Beta for The Crew will include the full map of all five Regions of the United States, The West Coast, Mountain States, Midwest, East Coast and the South, which all will also be playable, but only two of the five Locations will have challenges within them which is the Midwest and East Coast. Players will also be able to race against other players in those reasons. Also within The Crew Beta the only available classes that you’ll be allowed to use are “The Street” and “The Dirt” Classes, For more info on the crew you can view the video below.

Earlier in the month Ubisoft had a closed beta where many codes were being givin away from many different websites for a short period of time if they were able to get in. Some players had reported that they couldn’t get into the beta once they got the code. But for this beta of The Crew to be accessible you must have an Xbox Live Gold Subscription and/or a Playstation Plus Subscription

Ubisoft will be releasing The Crew earlier in the month of December in different locations, where it was planned for an initial release to be in November 11th.

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