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Retro-Bit Will Be Bringing Back The Game Boy For 2017


For those who still have their old Game Boy games or Game Boy color games that could be laying around with no way to play them, Retro-Bit has created a new Game Boy that’ll play both your Game Boy and Game Boy color games, The Super Retro Boy, even if you have cartridges for Game Boy Advance it’ll still be playable.

The Super Retro Boy is ...

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8 Video Games That Should Be Properly Brought Back To Life, Remade or Revised


Now that we are in this time period where both current generation systems PS4 and Xbox One are starting to revise games through backwards compatibility or Remake’s many people are in hope that most games that return are fan favorites...

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The Female Version Of Link, Is Linkle For Hyrule Warriors Legends


A video has been unveiled of Linkle, the female version of Link in action on the Wii U version of Hyrule Warriors.

Even though Linkle will be playable in the original 3DS version of the game, it was also announced that Linkle will also playable in the Wii U copy of Hyrule Warriors Legends...

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Nintendo Will Be Adding Fire Emblem Fates’ Corrin To The Super Smash Bros. Roster


Nintendo has announced another new character today that will be coming to battle in Super Smash Bros. for Wii U and 3DS, and it’s Fire Emblem Fates’ Corrin.

During Nintendo’s Super Smash Bros. presentation they announced that Fire Emblem Fates’ Corrin will be added to the list of Nintendo fighters. Along with Final Fantasy 7’s Cloud and Ba...

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Bayonetta Also Added To The List Of Fighters For Super Smash Bros.


With Nintendo adding characters to Super Smash Bros. that most people would have never predicted. Bayonetta is now one of the new adds that will be usable to deliver a fashionable beat down to whoever steps up. Along with Cloud from Final Fantasy 7 and Corrin from Fire Emblem Fates’.

Nintendo has announced during their presentation that Ba...

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Final Fantasy 7’s Cloud, Added To Roster For Super Smash Bros.


Cloud as been announced as one of the newest characters that’ll soon be available to play on Super Smash Bros. for the Wii U and 3DS later on today. Along with Bayonetta and Fire Emblem Fates’ Corrin who were also announced during Nintendo’s Super Smash Bros. Wii U presentation.

Along with Final Fantasy’s Cloud coming to SSM Wii U and 3DS ...

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New Possible Handheld Patent By Nintendo Could Be The NX


A new patent has been filed by Nintendo of what looks like a controller. There are rumors that it could be for the new NX console.


The image shows what seems to be a full touchscreen controller in an oval shape. Along with the touch screen controller are two shoulder buttons on top and also has an built in speaker.

There is not much news ...

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Nintendo’s First Smartphone Game Announced, Miitomo


Nintendo has shared some details of it’s first smartphone game at the investors meeting in Tokyo. The game will be a free-to-play game titled Miitomo.

The Miitomo game will let players customize their Mii avatars, which you will then be able to communicate with other players and their Mii’s...

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Search For Pokémon In the Real World With Pokémon GO


Nintendo and Niantic, Inc has announced a mobile smartphone game that will make you feel like a kid again, Pokémon GO. Pokémon GO will let you travel the real world while being able live the life of a Pokémon trainer through augmented reality.

Junichi Masuda of Game Freak Inc will be contributing to the project as well as coming up with...

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Fans Are Fighting To Get Britney Spears Added To Super Smash Bros.


Nintendo has been holding an open campaign that’ll let new players bring new fighters to the Super Smash Brothers universe. A promise to bring a fans favorite character to boost longevity and expand their roster.

A group of people have decided that Britney Spears will be an nice choice to add to the roster of fighters for the latest Super ...

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