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Injustice 2 Announcement Trailer, Superman, Flash and More


Neatherrealm has just released their announcement trailer for injustice 2. The trailer immediately shows all of the heroes going toe to toe with each other which could of mean that there is some serious disagreement between them.

Towards the end of the trailer all of the heroes start to gear up in their armor before clashing together, whic...

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Massive “Feature-Rich” Update Teased By Rockstar For GTA Online


Rockstar Games is planning on releasing some more new updates to add on to GTA Online. As Rockstar put’s it “get ready for a lot more to come in 2016, including some massive, feature-rich updates to GTA Online…”

Some of the add-ons that Rockstar plans on bringing will be:

  • Adventures in Finance and Felony – as your Organization enters the ...
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Respawn Entertainment & EA’s Studios Are Currently Developing Star Wars Games


An developer at Respawn Entertainment has announced that there is a third-person Star Wars game that is currently under development. Also EA announced that they have multiple studios creating a variety of great Star Wars games spanning in different genre’s. They are also hiring and looking for

Stig Asmussen, one of the developers at for Re...

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Dishonored 2 Will Be Released This Year


Bethesda has announced on Tuesday that the Sequel to Dishonored that was released in 2012 is on the way. Dishonored 2 will be in the works and will be released this year on November 11th.

At the moment Bethesda will not be giving out to much details on the game but will be having a gameplay reveal at E3.

“Reprise your role as a supernatura...

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Official Call of Duty: Infinity Warfare Reveal Trailer


Infinity Ward has released their first trailer for Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare, which will be reaching more into futuristic storylines that will take the battle from the ground and into space.

The franchise is also promising to go back to what made the series popular by bringing back large maps and a better storyline than it’s predecess...

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Gears Of War 4 Trailer: The Nightmare Reborn


A new trailer for Gears of War 4 has been released by Microsoft right after they have announced it’s october released.

The trailer also has an emotional theme to it as usual with The Sound of Silence being played in the background by Simon and Garfunkel’s...

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EA Releases A Teaser Trailer For Titanfall 2


Electronic Arts has released a teaser trailer for their next installments Titanfall 2 which is developed by Respawn Entertainment.

EA has now released a teaser trailer for Titanfall 2 and will be also preparing to show more at the E3 show in June...

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Microsoft Releases Two New Controllers, Copper Shadow and Dusk Shadow


Microsoft has released two new Xbox One controllers that look gorgeous, with each controller named Copper Shadow and Dusk Shadow.

Throught out the recent year or two Microsoft has been releasing an collection of controllers with different patterns and colors such as the Camouglage patterned controllers, Midnight Forces, Covert Forces and A...

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Rockstar Adds New DLC For Custom Lowriders And More


Rockstar has added new DLC for your cars for GTA Online at Benny’s Original Motor Works to create your custom classics and lowriders.

The new DLC will be available for Xbox One, PS4 and PC and will also add two more muscle cars, the Vapid Slamvan and the Dundreary Virgo Classic and also revived the Willard Faction...

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Sony Responds to Microsoft’s Discussion For Cross-Network Play


After Microsoft announced that they will be open to other consoles to be included through cross network play for developers on Monday, PC was the first fully confirmed unit for the new feature...

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