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Xbox One and PS4 Players May Finally Get To Play Together


Microsoft has officially announced that it will soon allow “Cross-Network Play” which could possibly allow you to play with other gamers on different console’s...

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Deals With Gold Includes Mad Max and Life Is Strange


Microsoft has announced it’s new Deals with Gold for this week for the Xbox One and Xbox 360.

Some of the games and add-ons that are on sale for gold members are Life is Strange on sale for $2.50, Mad Max on sale for $30, Thief for $7.50 and also Tony Hawk Pro Skater 5 which is now $30...

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Arbiter Will Be Apart Of Killer Instinct’s Season 3 Add On


Halo’s Arbiter will be apart of the cast of characters who are available to use for Killer Instinct.

The Arbiter will be available in Season 3’s download that will be released in march. To see the Arbiter in action you can check him out in the video below.

Killer Instinct was released on November 22, 2013 as an Xbox One exclusive.

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Microsoft Pulls Red Dead Redemption From Xbox Store Due To Mistake


Over the weekend some users found out that Red Dead Redemption was somewhat made publicly available for user’s to play only if they owned the game digitally. Now Microsoft has responded by apologizing for making the game public as they were testing the quality of the backwards compatibility of the game.

After mistakenly making Red Dead Red...

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Red Dead Redemption Available On Xbox One, Sort Of


According to an update from Microsoft, Red Dead Redemption has became playable on Xbox One but there are still a few issues with the process of getting it to play, if you’re able to play it all.

Microsoft has brought backwards compatibility to the Xbox One through emulation to make certain games playable from the Xbox 360 either digitally ...

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8 Video Games That Should Be Properly Brought Back To Life, Remade or Revised


Now that we are in this time period where both current generation systems PS4 and Xbox One are starting to revise games through backwards compatibility or Remake’s many people are in hope that most games that return are fan favorites...

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Fan Made Tomb Raider Fan Film Based On The Recent Game


The fan made Short Boom Raider was made based on the recent game Rise of the Tomb Raider by Crystal Dynamics and Square Enix.

The film was directed by Nicholas Cleary, starring ShiveeJam as Lara Croft...

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Get Batman: Arkham Knight For Just $15 Along With New DLC On The Way


If you’ve been looking to play the last story of the arkham series then now would be your chance to buy it while it is on sale for the lowest price available.

If you want to purchase Batman: Arkham Knight then you would want to run over to Best Buy while they are selling it for just $15 for both PS4 and Xbox One.

It’s not known how long th...

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50 Minute Video Of The Division Kind Of Makes You Not Want It


A 50 Minute gameplay video for Ubisoft’s The Division was released and played by JackFrags which showed a so-so performance throughout it’s gameplay. It could be a pretty big negative to all who were really itching to purchase this game when it releases.

Throughout the video the graphics do look pretty nice but it is the gameplay that effe...

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Leaked Screenshots For A Not Yet Announced TMNT Game


More screenshots have been leaked from the upcoming game Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles game “TMNT: Mutants in Manhattan” which is being developed by Activision and Platinum Games.

The not yet announced Ninja Turtles game had appeared online sometime in November on Australian Classification and it also appears that it will be rated “M for Ma...

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