Capcom Reveals M.Bison for Street Fighter V


Capcom has released a trailer for Street Fighter V revealing the main villain of the series M.Bison. Along with the reveal throughout the video you’ll also noticed that Capcom has made some changes to his outfit and moves set.

The first two noticeable differences is that he no longer enter’s with his cape or wears it at all, he now wears a red trench coat to replace his usual outfit. Another thing that was noticed was that he now shows that he has aged from the grey hair showing from parts where his hat does not cover.

As for his move sets their seems to be a few extra’s that’s been added to psycho fighters move set. The first was an psycho type uppercut that will knock your opponent off his feet with the second being a grab while he infuses Charlie with psycho power then throwing him to the ground. The third new move shown was a reflective projectile that will cancel whatever is thrown and having him return the favor.

His teleport has also changed a little with him also being able to possibly chain them together. He also has what looks like an EX type of stomp that adds an extra bicycle kick combo after the front flip kick, and with his ultra move being an ultimate Psycho Crusher.

To see M.Bison in action you can view the video below.