Attack On Titan That Was Released For PS4, Opening Cinematic Uploaded On Youtube


Attack On Titan, the popular anime that has been made into a game by Koei Tecmo has been released in Japan today and many of the players has uploaded the intro cinematic scene on to youtube as well as gameplay.

If you’ve watched the anime series you’d pretty much know how must of it will start off, Titans break throught the wall and the scouts come to the rescue, and showing Eren Yeager transform into a Titan himself. Attack on Titan is developed by Omega Force and is a PlayStation game based on the first season of the anime series based on the manga by Hajime Isasyama. Also from the gameplay alone it looks as if it could be better than the 3DS version that was released in 2013.

Attack on Titan will be released in North America and Europe on PS4, PS3 and PS Vita in 2016.