50 Minute Video Of The Division Kind Of Makes You Not Want It


A 50 Minute gameplay video for Ubisoft’s The Division was released and played by JackFrags which showed a so-so performance throughout it’s gameplay. It could be a pretty big negative to all who were really itching to purchase this game when it releases.

Throughout the video the graphics do look pretty nice but it is the gameplay that effects how The Division is viewed by gamers. Even though the playthrough seems somewhat fresh, the RPG element seems to take over the realism of the game itself. During the firefights you’ll possibly get annoyed at how long it takes to kill an enemy even though the gameplay shows the characters playing at higher levels. There’s even times when you’ll spot obvious head shot’s and the enemy will just absorb it as if it’s a shot to the leg.

At certain points the game does look fun until the RPG unrealism kicks in, it kind of ruins the whole feel of how the game could of went or how everyone thought it was going to go. Hopefully Ubisoft reads the Youtube comments in the video and make some adjustments to how enemies are damaged when shot in the head or leg. If not, this could be the next disappointment next to Watch Dogs after it’s release.

The 50 Minute video of The Division can be viewed below.